African Jade Necklace, 22" long

African Jade Necklace, 22" long


I use mostly semi-precious gems and some glass beads in my necklaces. A glass seed bead is between each stone to let the beauty of each stone shine. I look for unusual semi-precious gems to make you one of a kind jewelry.


Three African jade beads are accompanied by moonstone, jasper, African yellow opal, feldspath, agate, sodalite, dendritic opal, tiger iron, obsidian and pearls.


You may be able to see some of the stringing material in the photos. This isn’t a flaw or mistake. There are two reasons for having extra stringing material. Although the stringing material I use is very strong, it will break if there’s sufficient tension on the stringing material. A small amount of extra stringing material ensures there’s not too much tension on the stringing material. The second reason is more pragmatic. I need to be able to get fingers and pliers into a space between the beads and the clasp so I can securely fasten the clasp.


Monitors vary. If you have any questions about the colors of the beads, please email me at


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