Hand Dyed Teal Cotton Scarf

Hand Dyed Teal Cotton Scarf


Light weight, comfy warm, 100% cotton scarf. 9” wide, 34” long. Just long enough to tuck the ends inside a jacket or coat.


I knit a blank scarf using cotton yarn. Then, I hand dye the blank. Next, I unravel the blank and knit the final scarf. Because the blank doesn’t dye evenly, the finished scarf has a more lively color.


Hand wash separately in cold water. I did use a dye fixative and rinsed out the excess dye before I unraveled the blank, but there may be some dye that didn’t get rinsed out. Lay flat to dry.


Monitors vary. If you have any questions about the color, please email me at debthuman@zianet.com.


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