Impression Jasper Necklace


21" long necklace featuring an impression jasper drop, turqouis impression jasper, pearls, agate, crysocolla, amethyst, and adventurine with silver lined seed beads separating the semi-precious gems. 


Impression jasper is a mystery. The stone gives the impression of jasper, but the scientific name hasn't yet been worked out. The blue impression jasper is enhanced to give it a vivid color. 


You can see the stringing material in the photos. This isn't a defect. Although I use a strong stringing material, like everything else, it has a breaking point. Leaving a bit of the stringing material showing ensures there's not too much tension on the stringing material. Too much tension, and the necklace breaks. 


Although I try hard to get the colors accurate, monitors vary. If you have any questions about color or anything else, please email me:


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